Emma Fehlker Campbell

M.Sc. Student

Office Location

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology

1630 Linden Drive

Madison, WI 53706-1598


I am broadly interested in how anthropogenic changes impact the long-term survival of sensitive species and communities. Combining field-based ecological techniques with molecular methods can answer these questions in ways that neither field can do alone. The recent range expansion of barred owls to western North America provides a unique opportunity to understand the ecological impacts of an avian apex predator. It is well documented that Barred Owls can negatively impact Spotted Owls, but as a generalist predator, barred owls have the potential to negatively impact western forest communities as a whole. For my master’s project, I am using genetic methods to investigate how barred owl diet changes across the invasion pathway. I will be using metabarcoding on intestinal samples from barred owls removed across western North America to characterize how diet composition changes over time since invasion.


B.S. Wildlife and Conservation Biology | Murray State University, 2022