Extinction of Species

Extinction of Species (FWE/ZOO/ENV STUD 360)

The rate of species extinctions is accelerating due to rapid growth in human populations and resource consumption. Extinction of Species is a interdisciplinary undergraduate course (3 credits) offered every Fall Semester that explores the complex biological and social factors that threaten species and cause extinctions. This course covers a broad range of topics including the effects of factors such as habitat loss, invasive species, and harvesting on threatened species; genetic factors that can contribute to endangerment; and ecosystem-level consequences of species extinctions. Also discussed are management, conservation, and policy strategies for reducing threats to endangered species and preventing further extinctions.

This course consists of three lectures and one discussion section meeting per week. In discussion sections, students discuss and debate often controversial issues in species conservation, and each student is responsible for leading one meeting. The course is most suited for sophomores and juniors that have completed the Zoology 152 series. The course description and lecture outline for Fall Semester 2024 provide a detailed description of nature and expectations for this course.

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