Kevin Kelly

Bioacoustics co-Project Lead



Office Location

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology

1630 Linden Drive

Madison, WI 53706-1598


I am the co-project lead for the bioacoustic monitoring program in the Peery lab. Using passive acoustic monitoring we are surveying for vocal species of conservation concern in a variety of landscapes in California.

The bioacoustics program contributes to research on several different questions including habitat occupancy and usage across the Sierra Nevada by various avian species (i.e. California spotted owls); post wild-fire habitat usage by species of conservation concern in the Sierra Nevada; and invasive species monitoring and management (barred owls) in the Sierra Nevada and Coast Ranges. The program aims to leverage large-scale datasets to inform conservation and management decisions across changing landscapes.

In addition to co-leading the bioacoustics program I assist and mentor grad students in the Peery lab. My research interests are in wildlife ecology and conservation focused primarily on seabirds and owls, and I have experience working in a variety of roles on research projects across North America.


MS Biology | University of New Brunswick, 2015

BS Biology | University of Victoria, 2007