Elizabeth Ng

M.Sc. Student



My master’s research under Dr. Zach Peery (UW) and Dr. Connor Wood (Cornell) will investigate the relative effects of fire, fuels management, and drought on spotted owl occupancy throughout the Sierra Nevada. This research will aid in comparing these environmental factors in the face of novel climate change. Additionally, I will explore how avian guilds respond to various management practices across USFS land and National Parks.
I am broadly interested in utilizing novel methodology to investigate the effects of human induced climate change on species interactions and behavioral ecology. I hope to focus my results on informed management and biodiversity preservation. 
Outside of work, I enjoy hiking, camping, birding, and climbing. During the winter months, when Wisconsin doesn’t really allow outdoor activities, I like knitting, reading, and scary movies. 


B.S. Conservation Biology | University of Wisconsin – Madison 2022

Cert. Environmental Science | University of Wisconsin – Madison 2022

Ng, E.M.*, Pidgeon, E.W., Peery, M.Z., Brunk, K.M.*, 2023. Garbage in may not equal garbage out: sex mediates effects of ‘junk food’ in a synanthropic species. Journal of Urban Ecology9(1) doi.org/10.1093/jue/juad014