Sheila Whitmore

Bioacoustic Project Coordinator


As the project coordinator for the bioacoustics monitoring program in the Peery Lab, I spend the field seasons overseeing the central acoustic crew in the central Sierra Nevada. Every year we deploy hundreds of autonomous recording units (ARUs) to passively record acoustic data to monitor the presence of several species across the Sierra Nevada, with a focus on California spotted owls and invasive barred owls. Several researchers in the Peery Lab and other collaborators use this data to study species’ distributions, abundance, and occupancy and the ways they are affected by forest management practices, climate change, and wildfire.

I have worked with California spotted owls for over two decades on demography and habitat studies and several GPS-tagging projects. For my master’s thesis, I studied habitat use of juvenile spotted owls during the pre-dispersal period. Broadly speaking, my research interests are focused on forest species habitat conservation.


MS Biology | California State University, Chico 2009

BS Biology | University of Nebraska, Lincoln 1996


I enjoy birding, hiking, backpacking, snowboarding, and photography.

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